How small is small judah levine 2170l1 16 homework to

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Unformatted text preview: he lab benches are at rest relative to the floor b. no. That is why undergraduate physics experiments don’t work well. c. ok as an approximation because acceleration is small. How small is small? Judah Levine, 2170L1 16 Homework to think about Make a quantitative argument to support your clicker answer. Leave in my mailbox by 5 pm tomorrow (Tuesday). Judah Levine, 2170L1 17 Newton and Planetary Orbits F = ma m1m2 F =G 2 r Overall constant velocity of the solar system does not affect solution Judah Levine, 2170L1 18 Electrostatic Forces F = ma 1 q1q2 F= 2 4πε o r Overall constant velocity does not affect solution Judah Levine, 2170L1 19 Charges in equilibrium r Fe q1 F F q2 Fe 1 q1q2 =F Fe = 2 4πε o r Judah Levine, 2170L1 20...
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