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Taylor chris d zafiratos and michael a dubson isbn 0

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Unformatted text preview: ysics for Scientists and Engineers – Authors: • John R. Taylor, Chris D. Zafiratos, and Michael A. Dubson – ISBN: 0-13-805715-X Clickers: iClicker – Available in bookstore – Same as used in other courses Judah Levine, 2170L1 4 Clicker registration and use Registration links your clicker serial number to you number – Need to do it only once for all courses Clicker scores will be recorded correctly even if you have not yet registered even – Responses before you registered will be Responses handled correctly as soon as you register handled Clicker must be set to correct frequency when first turned on in class: DC when Judah Levine, 2170L1 5 Web resources Course homepage: Course – www.colorado.edu/physics/phys2170 • Everything you need to know Desire2Learn: oit.colorado.edu/d2l oit.colorado.edu/d2l – Grades posted only here – Schedule, calendar, etc. • Same information as on homepage E-mail: [email protected] mail: [email protected] Judah Levine, 2170L1 6 Communication to yo...
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