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Unformatted text preview: u Course web page: Course – Desire2Learn: • Grades, Homework and exam solutions E-mail to your university e-mail mail address address Judah Levine, 2170L1 7 Communication to me Ask a question in class Ask – Any time is ok E-mail about anything whether or not it mail has to do with the course has Coming to my office, JILA S460 – Office hours Wednesday, 1-3 pm – No appointment and usually ok at other No times, but call first to be sure I am in: 303 492 7785 303 Judah Levine, 2170L1 8 Clicker Test, Question 1 What is the color of George Washington’s white horse? Washington white – A: Red – B: White – C: Blue – D: Green – E: Purple Judah Levine, 2170L1 9 Introduction to Reference Frames y v y’ x x’ z z’ Simplest case, v=constant (or 0) in x direction: x = x'+ vt y = y' z = z' Judah Levine, 2170L1 10 Transformation of velocity x = x'+ vt y = y' z = z' v=constant dx dx′ + v = v′ + v vx = = x dt dt v y = v′y v z = v′ z Judah Levine, 2170L1 11 Transformation of acceleration dx dx′ + v = v′ + v vx = = x dt dt v y = v′y v z = v′ z v=constant dv x dv′ = x = a′ ax = x dt dt Fx = ma x = ma′ = Fx′ x Judah Levine, 2170L1 12 Transformation of length x = x'+ vt y = y' z = z' ′ ′ ′ ′ l = x2 − x1 = ( x2 + vt ) − ( x1 + vt ) = x2 − x1 = l ′ Does not depend on constant v Judah Levine, 2170L1 13 The bottom line The constant velocity of an observ...
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