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Judah levine 2170l11 15 the theory rayleigh jeans law

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Unformatted text preview: s temperature increases as Judah Levine, 2170L11 14 The data Ding! Judah Levine, 2170L11 15 The Theory Rayleigh-Jeans Law: Rayleigh dI λ = 8πkT λ 4 dλ Wien Distribution Law: dI λ = kc λ 2 5 e − hc λkT Judah Levine, 2170L11 16 Comparing Theories Judah Levine, 2170L11 17 The source of the problem What is relationship between frequency of radiation and radiated power? of Classical answer: Power proportional to amplitude squared amplitude – No explicit dependence on frequency Amplitude and power are continuous parameters parameters Judah Levine, 2170L11 18 Quantum principle Electromagnetic energy transmitted in discrete packets: “photons” – Energy of photon= E= hν= hc/λ – Number of photons decreases when • hν >> kT • hc/λ >> kT • λ << hc/kT Judah Levine, 2170L11 19 Importance of Black Body spectrum Quantum formulation of electromagnetic energy electromagnetic Background radiation in the universe is a black body spectrum at 2.7 K black Calibration of thermometers in the infrared infrared Systematic offset of primary standards Systematic “Night vision” optics Judah Levine, 2170L11 20...
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