El m b where s is the set of lines in the x y

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Unformatted text preview: Also, answer the same questions for these rules: • k(n) = n2, where S = Z3 the integers modulo 3, a set with 3 elements. • O(c) = center of c, where S is the set of circles in the plane. • E(L) = (m, b), where S is the set of lines in the (x, y) plane and y = mx + b is the equation of the line. Problem 7 4: Gemignani, Section 7.3 #3 (in your own words, please) Problem 7 5: Gemignani, Section 7.3 #4 Problem 7 6: Find and list all of the one ­one and onto functions from the set S = (a, b, c) into itself....
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