D e s c ri b e s h a p e s i n t h a t s p a c e

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Unformatted text preview: fe on a string. That sucks How can we understand a situation closer to reality? How can we model three­dimensional space? d e s c ri b e s h a p e s i n t h a t s p a c e ? describe physical properties of objects in space (center of mass, d e n s i t y , e t c . )? Questions we might ask: Question How does it feel to fly along this trefoil path? Question How do we find lines perpendicular to a surface (even a weird one)? Question What makes this shape... Question ...different from this one? Properties we might examine We could try to characterize shapes and objects using things like Curvature (what is this?) Surface area (I think I know what this is) Volume (OK, whatever) What other mathematical properties might distinguish objects?...
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