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Unformatted text preview: or the curve in the vertical plane: Wh a t s h a p e i s th i s ? What shape will a general vertical trace have? . Sketching the shape Choose some horizontal traces and sketch them Choose some vertical traces and sketch them Hope for the best Demonstration Let's try the equation General horizontal trace: General ­p l a n e v e rt i c a l t ra c e : General ­p l a n e v e rt i c a l t ra c e : Draw some! . , a c o n s ta n t. , a c o n s ta n t. , a c o n s ta n t. Demonstration Final assembled product Cosmic taco: . Practice Calculate horizontal and vertical traces for the hyperbolic paraboloid: How do the traces help you to sketch the object? How do the traces help you to tell objects apart? New shapes to consider Apply the techniques we've been discussing to to draw sketches of the s o l u t i o n s t o t h e s e e q u a t i o n s i n t h re e v a ri a b l e s ....
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