32312 math 8001 8 15 in other words we will follow

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Unformatted text preview: llow all University and College policies regarding academic honesty and other matters.” (3/23/12) Math 8001 9 / 15 Additional Information What else would you include as part of (or in addition to) the syllabus? (3/23/12) Math 8001 10 / 15 Designing Your Course Suppose you could design a new course from scratch. What would you incorporate? Groupwork? Group quizzes? Test corrections? Extra Credit? Would you emphasize homework scores? Exam scores? Would you have a non-standard grading scheme? (3/23/12) Math 8001 11 / 15 There will be homework, Special Problems, 2 Tests, and a Final Exam. Test dates are Oct 11 and Nov 15. Each Test may involve material covered in lecture up to the Test. Thus, you are responsible for material covered in the lectures! Grading Scheme I Your grade in this course will reflect what you did in it, not your ability or potential. It is very important, then, for you to be able to put your work on paper, under time pressure. If you have problems taking tests, there are people on campus who mig...
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