If you have problems taking tests there are people on

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Unformatted text preview: ht be able to help you overcome them. Ask about it at an office hour! You’ll have a GPA grade for each Test, your homework, the Special Problems and the Final. The weighting of the grades, though subject to change, is, at present: 10% for each Test, 25% for homework, 20% for Special Problems, and 35% for the Final. Grades will perhaps amount to 80-85% for A, 65-70% for B, 50-55% for C, 40-45% for D. Each grading item will have “Gradelines” assigned to it. For example, if the B gradeline is 70, the A gradeline is 85, and your score is 80, then your GPA grade, G, for that item is G := 3+ 80−70 “=” 3.67. Here, (G is rounded 85−70 to 2 places after “.”). In other words, your GPA grade is a B plus 2/3 of the way between B and A. Your GPA grade, G, on any grading item is computed using your score on it, and numbers g (the grade corresponding to the highest gradeline smaller or equal to your score), glb (the highest gradeline smaller or equal to your score), gla (the lowest gradeline greater than your score): G=g+ your score − glb , gla − glb where glb is the gradeline just below your score, gla is the next gradeline - above your score and g is the grade number: 5 for a 100% score, 4 for the A gradeline, 3 for B, etc. If your score falls on a gradeline,...
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