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Unformatted text preview: then G = g. If your score is 100% on a Test, your G = 5. When the G’s are combined with their weights and added, the total is your GPA grade for the course. If that total is within 0.1 of an integer, your grade is “borderline.” Case-by-case decisions are made, in borderline cases, whether to award the higher or the lower grade. An important factor then is the direction your grades have taken at course’s end! Be sure to talk to me in advance if you have to miss a Test! If you do and don’t make arrangements in advance, your G for that Test is zero! If, for documented reasons beyond your control, you’re passing and you can’t complete the course, the grade you have up to that point “stays with you” as part of an Incomplete; all I ’s must be issued according to department guidelines. (3/23/12) Math 8001 12 / 15 Grading Scheme II (3/23/12) Math 8001 13 / 15 Other Examples (3/23/12) Math 8001 14 / 15 Other Advice The syllabus is a contract. Don’t change it mid-semester. Avoid changing the syllabus mid-semester. If you must, be sure the changes benefit the students. (Every student!) A complete syllabus–especially the grading scheme section–helps deal with (or avoid) grievances. Don’t specify a specific grade distribution in your syllabus. (3/23/12) Math 8001 15 / 15...
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