Creatine Supplementation

1kg vs placebo 313kg and leg extension cr 149kg vs

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Unformatted text preview: leg extension (Cr: +14.9kg vs placebo: +10.7kg) and had concomitantly greater increases in body mass and lean tissue mass as measured by DXA. The lack of a Cr effect for bench-press strength may have been the result of a lower training volume since only one exercise during the training programme targeted the upper. The results of this study also could have been influenced by the group differences in baseline strength (Cr group was significantly stronger than the placebo group). There are also a number of studies that have not been able to detect a significant Cr effect following Sports Med 2005; 35 (2) 114 supplementation. Syrotuik et al.[35] randomly assigned 21 men to one of three resistance training groups in which the volume and intensity of training were equated. The first group ingested Cr (0.3 g/kg BW for 5 days) and then a maintenance placebo, the second group followed the same loading programme followed by a maintenance phase (0.03 g/kg BW for 32 days). The final group consumed the placebo for the total 37-day period. Resistance training consisted of a periodised programme and strength was assessed by 1RM incline leg press and bench press. These measures were also expressed relative to body mass by dividing 1RM (kg) measures by each subjects body mass (kg). 1RM measures were taken before loading phase, after the 5-day loading phase and finally after the 32-day maintenance phase. Two-way ANOVA with repeated measures and Newman-Keuls post hoc analyses determined that each group significantly increased all 1RM measurements. There were significant main effects for all groups over time for 1RM measures of bench press and leg press, total lifting volume and strength-to-mass ratio, but no significant group or interaction effects between the groups.[35] The results of this study indicated that neither Cr loading or Cr loading plus a maintenance programme, in combination with resistance training controlled for training volume and intensity, were any more effective than resistance training alone. These findings suggest that C...
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