Creatine Supplementation

Prior to performance of the ast four 15 second bursts

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Unformatted text preview: or to performance of the AST, four 15-second bursts of high-intensity running, each separated by 30 seconds of passive recovery, were performed to ensure depletion of PCr stores. Statistical analysis revealed that there were no significant group or interaction effects for performance times on the treadmill or blood lactate concentrations. There was a significant interaction for plasma ammonia concentrations indicating a trend for plasma ammonia to decrease for the Cr group. These data suggest that, during the present study, Cr supplementation offered no ergogenic advantage over the placebo condition with regard to exercise performance. No improvements in performance were also demonstrated by Preen et al.,[56] who studied the 2005 Adis Data Information BV. All rights reserved. 121 effect of pre-exercise Cr supplementation on intermittent sprint performance. Eight active, but not well trained men either received Cr (15g + water) or a placebo treatment during their first day of testing. Fourteen days later, in a randomised, double-blind, crossover design, subjects were then re-tested before ingesting the other treatment that was not received on the first test. Cr or placebo treatments were ingested 60 and 120 minutes prior to the start of an 80-minute sprint cycle task. The protocol consisted of ten sets of multiple 6-second sprints, with recovery periods varying from 24 to 84 seconds. Subjects carried out the same protocol 14 days later and received the alternative treatment to what was received previously. Variables recorded and analysed included work done and peak power. Muscle biopsies were also taken from the vastus lateralis prior to exercise and at 1 and 3 minutes post-exercise. Data analyses revealed that there were no significant changes in cycling performance after ingestion of Cr and that muscle ATP concentrations and total Cr levels were not different between the two groups. Finn et al.[57] also reported no difference in intermittent cycle performance following Cr ingestion. Sixtee...
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