Genji - absence. Genji and his nurse care for each other a...

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Morgan Messenger November 3, 2007 ENGL 2220 Dr. Matthews Men vs. Women In our selected reading of The Tale of Genji, two types of cross-gender relationships caught my attention: the immature relationship and “the woman as caretaker.” In Chapter Two of the story, Genji and his lady fight about their relationship in frivolous and immature fashion. They live in luxury and have nothing better to do than to argue and surround themselves with this high school-like ‘drama’. “It will be much harder to pass the months and the years in the barely discernible hope that you will settle down and mend your fickle ways. Maybe you are right. Maybe this is the time to part.” Then Genji says, “I was furious, and I said so, and she answered in kind. Then, suddenly, she took my hand and bit my finger.” (2190) In Chapter Four of the story, Genji visits his old nurse, who has become a nun in his
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Unformatted text preview: absence. Genji and his nurse care for each other a great deal, and they express this many times during their meeting. It has worried me enormously that you should be taking so long to recover, and I was very sad to learn that you have withdrawn from the world. You must live a long life and see the career I make for myself. Then she says, The people who were fond of me left me when I was very young. Others have come along, it is true, to take care of me, but you are the only one I am really attached to. (2205) Although there are many other connections between men and women in The Tale of Genji, I think that the immature relationship and the woman as caretaker are two interesting relationships clearly displayed in the piece....
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Genji - absence. Genji and his nurse care for each other a...

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