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Jataka - This quote from Wisest’s father shows how he...

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Morgan Messenger September 26, 2007 ENGL 2220 Dr. Matthews The Cheating Merchant We’ve all heard the sayings, “What goes around, comes around,” and “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” I believe these common sayings ties into The Cheater Merchant quite nicely. Although most of the class had a difficult time figuring out the moral lesson of it, I think the message was delivered to me in a very clear way. The moral of The Cheating Merchant is simply this: if you are a cheater, you will get what you deserve, and if you are honest, you are wise. Wisest attempted to cheat his way into getting double his share, and he paid a devastating consequence. When Wise became skeptical and decided to burn down the hollowed out tree with Wisest’s father inside of it, Wisest paid the price for his cheating; he lost his father. “Wise rightly, Wisest wrongly got his name; Through Wisest, I’m nigh roasted in the flame” (1005).
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Unformatted text preview: This quote from Wisest’s father shows how he feels about the situation. He knows that his son’s cheating scam was the cause of his death. He also knows that Wise really is a wise man because he questioned Wisest’s scam and stayed honest through it all. The Master reveals the moral of the story in his closing remarks. “The cheating merchant of to-day was the cheating merchant in the story, and I the honest merchant named Wise” (1005). He is saying that an honest man is a wise man, and that a cheating merchant will always be a cheating merchant. The master is also challenging the reader of the story to stay honest and fair even when his/her partner is a cheat. Knowing that “what goes around comes around” is a great moral lesson to learn, in my opinion. It is very hard to fight off the temptations and stay honest when those around are cheating their way to the top. This is an invaluable moral to learn....
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Jataka - This quote from Wisest’s father shows how he...

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