Epistemological - Epistemological Knowledge Theorists...

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I. Psychology of association II. a. b. Rhetorician: Hugh Blair Strategic use of communication for knowledge -Faculty Psychology- Christian Wolff(1679- 1754) Human Mind is a single Unit but consists of Different faculties o Knowing o Feeling John Ogilvie (1732-1813) o Reason / understanding o Imagination o Memory o Will Free will Mind Separate from body Phrenology – study of the human mind Hugh Blair (1718 -1800) “Lectures on Rhetoric and Belles Lectures” Treated Rhetoric – literature and criticism Using rhetoric on faculties 1. Reason / Understanding a. Anything unknown clarify to audience b. Aristotle’s artistic proofs 2. Imagination a. Use fables or parables or poetry 3. Passions a. Descriptions aimed at Imagination
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Epistemological - Epistemological Knowledge Theorists...

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