Reaction to Champion of the World

Reaction to Champion of the World - another lynching, or...

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Reaction to “Champion of the World” After I read “Champion of the World” I began to think about the movie “The Hurricane.” Denzel Washington plays a black prized fighter during times that seem similar to this story. His character’s name is Rubin “The Hurricane” Carter. This boxer meant the world to black people. He was there champion. He was the best fighter in the world. The Hurricane would crush his opponents. White people couldn’t stand to see a black man being the champion in such a prestigious white man sport like boxing. So some detectives framed murder charges on the prized fighter. This isn’t what happens to Joe Louis in this story, but the story and the movie have many similarities. The Hurricane eventually discovers new evidence twenty years later and finally gets out of prison. Joe Louis nearly died in this fight. It sounded like watching the fight Joe Louis would cause many African-American people hurt if. The sad thing about this story is how much the fighter actually meant to these people. If he lost, as the author wrote, it would be
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Unformatted text preview: another lynching, or another black boy that was whipped. There were nearly never any black champions before so this for black people felt like a once-in-a-lifetime chance. It was a shame how these people were treated then. It just goes to show how much the country has changed. I mean now there are probably more black boxers then there are white boxers. I would have to see the story end with the boxer losing or getting knocked out and seeing how the people reacted. The last thing I wanted to comment on was the comment the author made when she was talking about everyone staying over and not driving home late. They would do this because it was almost a certainty during that time if you were black you would be pulled over immediately. You wouldn’t even have to have done anything wrong, but the cops would find something they thought you did wrong. Something like a white prized fighter losing to a black man is something they would love to pull you over for....
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Reaction to Champion of the World - another lynching, or...

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