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Reaction to Chase

Reaction to Chase - about 3 miles to the next town We were...

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Reaction to Chase This story “Chase” reminded me of a time when me and four of my friends were setting of fireworks and firecrackers in the middle of the woods during the summer. I was only 11 years old at the time. We jumped into my friends car who was 17 and drove to the woods. We begin setting off these fireworks for the first round for about twenty minutes. Once the fireworks ran out, we drove back to our houses and rounded up a firecracker that would shoot off 100 straight loud firecracker pops in the air. We lit the fuse and all ran and took cover to watch the show. Once the fireworks ended, we can see cop cars pulling up to where the car was parked near the woods. Me and my friend Joe took off running. My other three friends got caught by the cops because they initially contemplated running but then didn’t. The cops were chasing me and my friend but we were young and in good condition and were running full speed. We ran all the way
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Unformatted text preview: about 3 miles to the next town. We were exhausted almost to the point of faint. It was a mid-August day and at least 80 degrees outside. It was tiring and painful, but it was worth it. My three friends however, weren’t so fortunate. All three of them were detained and taken down to the police station. Apparently a neighbor called in reports of gunshots in the woods. Obviously once the cops searched my three friends they saw they had no weapons and were just lighting fireworks. My friends didn’t rat us out to the cops though. They made up some story how they didn’t know who the kids were. The cops didn’t believe them but all three stuck to the story. All three of them had to pay a small fine. That time reminded me of this story because I remember when running from the cops I was just thinking about me getting caught and how much it was going to suck. Lucky for me, I was too quick and smart for them!...
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