PPT + Student Notes: Chapter 21 Infectious Diseases in the Respiratory System

PPT Student Notes Chapter 21 Infectious Diseases in the Respiratory System

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Unformatted text preview: ot know whether the boy has had a fever during the day. Currently his temperature is 103 F. The physician notices that Michael’s breath smells rotten. Lymph nodes in his neck are swollen and visual examination of the throat reveals a white packet adhering to the sides. Much of the soft palate is red. a. What type of infection do you suspect? b. Your practice has recently been overrun by sore throats and now, late in the evening, there are no supplies for performing the proper test. Should the physician prescribe antibiotics or not? In deciding whether to prescribe treatment, should the physician be extra careful not to prescribe an unnecessary antibiotic or be extra careful not to let the infection go untreated? c. What are the possible complications if this type of infection goes untreated? 2...
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