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Consider each of the following independent situa6ons

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Unformatted text preview: f Rayn's losing the suit. b. A federal agency has accused Rayn of viola6ng numerous employee safety laws. The company faces significant fines if found guilty. Rayn's a^orney feel that the company has complied with all applicable laws, and they therefore place the probablity of incurring the fines at less than 10%. c. Rayn has been named in a gender discrimina6on lawsuit. In the past Rayn has systema6cally promoted its male employees at a faster rate than it has promoted its femal employees. Rayn's a^orney judge the probablility that Rayn will lose this lawsuit at more than 90%. For each item, determine the appropriate accoun6ng treatment. E 8 ­33 Classifying Expenditures as Assets or Expenses Determining whether an expenditure should be expensed or capitalize is ogen difficult. Consider each of the following independent situa6ons and indicate whether you would recommend that the cost be expensed or capitalized as an asset. Explain your answer. 1. Splash,com has spent...
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