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You should show separate classica6ons for revenues

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Unformatted text preview: 1.5 million for a 30 second adver6sement to be aired during the Super Bowl. The ad introduces the company's new Web ­based product, and the company expects the ad to increase sales for at least 18 months. 2. Gen Chrome has spent 8 million on research related to gene6c diseases. The company expects this research to lead to substan6al revenues, beginning in the next year. 3. All Choices is an onling catalog sales company. All Choices has just spent $5 million designing a targeted adver6sing campaign that will encourage regular customers of the company's online catalog service to buy new products. 4. Stock Up is an online seller of groceries. The company just spent $4 million building a new warehouse. The warehouse is expected to be useful for the next 15 years. E 8 ­35 Unifying Concepts: The Income Statement Use...
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