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E presence of clays organic materials andrews et al

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Unformatted text preview: maSer •  Soil air- filled pore spaces •  Generally either: •  Dissipate »  high vola(lity, high solubility, easily degraded •  Persist »  low vola(lity, low solubility, resist degrada(on Andrews et al., 2004 Interac(ons with soil solid material: Clay minerals and organic ma9er •  Surface adsorp(on •  Entrapment within mineral components –  Reduces contaminant availability •  Depends upon proper(es of soils (i.e. presence of clays, organic materials…) Andrews et al., 2004 Andrews et al., 2004 Associated with soil par(cles •  4 frac(ons: •  Rapidly desorbed •  Slowly desorbed •  Very slowly desorbed •  Non- extractable –  Par(cle Interac(ons: –  can make contaminant removal difficult –  can also be used to facilitate removal processes Ex. Using clays to clean Dioxins •  Dioxins – extemely...
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