Inorganic components h2o and co2 andrews et al 2004

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Unformatted text preview: toxic nerve poison – no safe levels •  Typically very low concentra(ons, highly dispersed, difficult to treat •  Ideally, treat by concentra(ng dioxins on a solid, then destroy with heat •  Ac(vated charcoal and carbon used, but destroyed during dioxin destruc(on process •  Smec(te (2:1) clays used due to adsorp(on in interlayer sites in mineral structure Degrada(on of organic contaminants: •  Mechanisms: –  Chemical –  Microbial •  Availability determines degreda(on –  Chemical structure similar to natural compounds, more likely to degrade –  Generally, greater complexity of molecule means slower degreda(on Degrada(on can be slight altera(ons to orig...
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