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Contaminated sites can be engineered through pumping

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Unformatted text preview: will move more slowly through the aquifer than the ground water that is transporting them Contaminated groundwater •  Pumping wells can alter groundwater flow direc:ons •  Contaminated sites can be engineered through pumping wells to change local GW flow direc:ons Important concept in H2O Pollu:on •  Residence Time –  the average length of :me a substance remains in a system •  system? Might be an aquifer, a lake etc... Factors affec:ng the behaviour of a contaminant: •  chemical stability •  ex. may break down in O2- rich or O2- poor condi:ons •  interac:on with medium (soil, water…) •  ex. adsorbed onto soil par:cles •  interac:on with other contaminants Mass Balance Approach to Geochemical Studies •  3 possible outcomes for a chemical: •...
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