Although many hypotheses have been put 125 human

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Unformatted text preview: tempted to ask what couples biological nitrogen fixation and denitrification in the ocean, so that the amount of fixed nitrogen in the ocean remains relatively stable over timescales longer than a few thousand years. Although many hypotheses have been put 125 Human systems 25 Industrial N2 fixation Fossil-fuel burning Lightning Atmosphere Deposition Fertilizer 100 N2 fixation Deposition: 20 + 55 Emission: 20 + 50 110 + 35 NO3 and NH4 NO3 and NH4 N2 100 + 15 N2 Nitrification and denitrification Denitrification 8+4 Denitrification 170 + 20 N2O Atmospheric deposition 10 + 40 N2 fixation 140 NO3 and NH4 N2 Land Denitrification 240 N2 5 Nitrification and denitrification 4 N2 N2O Ocean Reactive nitrogen ‘Biological’ carbon ‘Biological’ carbon Reactive nitrogen River fluxes 30 + 50 ‘...
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