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Unformatted text preview: •  Bacteria 0.5 – 3 um size –  Acquire energy from these processes •  Aerobic bacteria – O2 present –  Lower limit ~ 0.05 mg/l •  Anaerobic – O2 absent •  Lakes/rivers – O2 oSen high in water column but limi5ng in sediments Redox Poten5al •  In the same way an aqueous solu5on is characterized by its acidity, the redox poten5al of a solu5on provides informa5on about electron transfer tendencies •  i.e. pH measures tendency of a solu5on to transfer H+, redox poten5al measures tendency to transfer e- –  Oxidizing environment (O2 not limi5ng) – low poten5al –  Reducing environment (O2 limi5ng) – high poten5al •  Can...
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