water in atmos condenses on parcles coarse oen

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Unformatted text preview: x (Tg yr- 1) Sea spray N 1000 - 1500 Dust N, A 100 - 750 Forest fires N, A 35 - 100 Volcanic erup:ons N ~ 50 (variable) Anthropogenic combus:on A ~50 Condensa:on ~1500 N, A vanLoon and Duffy, 2005 Aerosols and precipita:on •  Dry and Wet deposi:on •  Dry (gravity..) •  Water in atmos. condenses on par:cles (coarse), o\en removing them quickly •  Residence :mes? Depends on size of par:cles and part of atmosphere where located. •  mid- low troposphere (~ 1 week on avg) •  stratosphere (months – yrs) due to fewer clouds and less precipita:on. Role of aerosols •  Hydrological •  Cloud condensa:on nuclei (CCN) –  increase rates of H2O phase changes •  Chemical •  Remove molecules from gas phase –  Dissolve gases –  Reac:ons on par:cle surfaces Chemical changes in clouds: important and complex •  Condi:ons change in clouds –  UV radia:on driven reac:ons change – ...
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