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The general term used to express atmospheric

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Unformatted text preview: ion molecules or atoms in the air •  Dalton’s Law of par.al pressures: In a mixture of gases, each gas behaves as if it were alone in that space and exerts a pressure independently of the others (i.e. its par.al pressure). The total pressure then equals the sum of all par.al pressures. •  Dalton’s Law of par2al pressures directly relates ppm to pressure through law of par2al pressures, so at one atmosphere (1 atm) pressure, a gas of 1ppm concentra2on will have a pressure of 10 - 6 atm. •  The general term used to express atmospheric concentra2on is MIXING RATIO. •  Example: the mixing ra>o for nitrogen (N2) in dry air is 0.7808 or 78.08%. This means that for every 100 mol of all gases in dry air, 78.08 mol are nitrogen •  At atmospheric pressure...
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