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3 for general global element distribuon history of

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Unformatted text preview: rt •  Measurement requires a solid understanding of the ‘background’ state prior to human perturba=on »  Ex. Nitrate (NO3- ) loading in aqua=c systems »  Heavy metal contamina=on in soils »  Greenhouse gas concentra=ons in atmosphere »  (Figure 2.3 for general global element distribu=on) History of Biogeochemical Approach to Earth Systems Science •  James HuWon (late 1700’s) viewed Earth as a ‘superorganism’ •  1890’s Savante Arrhenius published a paper =tled: ‘On the influence of carbonic acid in the air on the temperature of the ground’ –  connected CO2 to the greenhouse effect and to the biogeochemical cycle of carbon –  coupled the biosphere to geochemistry •  Vladimir Vernadsky (Russian mineralogist) in the 1920’s developed an integra=ve defini=on of the biosphere as all living things and everyth...
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