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1 - Introduction Lectures 1 and 2

Naturecomnaturevideoarchivelovelock lovelock je 1989

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Unformatted text preview: ing connected to them, –  believed that the Earth was a collec=on of connected parts that could only be studied in a holis=c, indivisible way. –  suggested that all Earth surface geological features are also part of the biosphere •  James Lovelock (1970’s) proposed the science of geophysiology introducing the Gaia Theory –  sugges=ng that feedbacks in the biosphere- atmospheric system lead to self regula=on (homeostatus) of basic Earth processes •  An interview with James Lovelock on the homepage of the journal Nature: hWp://www.nature.com/nature/videoarchive/lovelock/ •  Lovelock, J.E. (1989) Geophysiology, The Science of Gaia, Reviews of Geophysics, 27: 215- 222. Origins of Life on Earth? •  Studies suggest 4.2- 3.8 billion yrs ago, in the ocean •  Bacteria developed metabolisms that allowed them to synthesize organic material using solar energy. •  Photochemical splidng of water (photosynthesis) • ...
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