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Why Rules are Broken Rules are meant to be broken. Any young boy or man will support this claim Why is it that breaking the law, and participating in a forbidden act is so appealing? Why do young men yearn for a thrill, a rush from something prohibited? In the Confessions , Augustine relates this desire to a heart void of God. The desire and the urges are only after-effects of man’s desperate instinctual need to connect with a higher being . This need manifests itself through evil mediums: lust, theft, and other debaucheries. The Confessions deals with his pubic adventure as a necessary evil. It represents puberty as a biological pathway that transforms a boy into a man with deep impulses that take a young man away from God’s light. This is best illustrated on page 24. “The bubbling impulses of puberty befogged and obscured my heart so that it could not see the different between love’s serenity and lust’s darkness. Confusion of the two things boiled within me” ( Confessions 24). This quotation serves to exemplify how the author sees puberty almost as a challenge, a difficult obstacle to overcome. Unfortunately, the author is unable to surmount this obstacle and distanced himself from God by his actions. “I had become defeated by the clanking chain of my mortal condition, the penalty of my pride I travelled very far from you, and you did not stop me” ( Confessions 24). These two quotes serve to give one an overview of how pleasure and delight categorize the protagonist as being one with God, or not. It is obvious that the author is making the argument that giving into the “carnal urges” only results in distancing oneself from God. The author also gives a reason why his young adolescent self went so far away from God. “The single desire that dominated my search for delight was simply to love and be loved” ( Confessions 24) . This shows how the heart was searching for God and God was content to let his young subject find out for himself the peril of his path. The author now recognizes this. “Your intention was that I should seek delights unspoiled by disgust and that, in my quest where I could achieve this, I should discover it to be in nothing except you Lord, nothing but you. You ‘fashion
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PHIL_111.2_Second_Essay - Why Rules are Broken Rules are...

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