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SWOT Starbucks - Josh Bourne Principles of Marketing...

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Josh Bourne Principles of Marketing 10/4/07 Homework One: Starbucks and the SWOT Analysis Tool Starbucks, one of the world’s most popular coffee giants, has decided to expand and create business opportunities in the fine food town of Paris, France. Though there are many strengths to Starbucks, there are also some weaknesses and threats that may await the successful company. The strengths for Starbucks in Paris include the cost advantages. Being that it is a chain coffee company located around the world, their prices for coffee is standard and thus can afford to be cheaper than their smaller competition. Because there are so many Starbucks around the world, they will have access to many financial resources and revenue that the coffee giant brings in as a whole. Many people have seen Starbucks in different parts of the globe and recognize it as a place where they can receive quality coffee on the go, so adding Starbucks in Paris will attract old customers and bring it new ones that want to experience why other people have come to enjoy Starbucks.
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SWOT Starbucks - Josh Bourne Principles of Marketing...

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