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PHIL_111.2_No_God_Essay - "If God didnt exist everything...

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“If God didn’t exist, everything would be possible”- Dosteovsky wrote a whole book about that idea. What if, everything were permitted? What if, Ivan was right, and convincing Smerdyakov that everything was permitted, was not a bad thing at all. What if Smerdyakov’s fake “fit” was actually nothing evil, and his murder of Fyodor Karamazov was only a survival technique? Yes, Jean-Paul is right saying that everything would be possible, but that message is only of despair. One will assume for the sake of the argument that God does in fact, exist. It would be logical then to note that humans seem to have normal boundaries placed upon them. Humans cannot fly at will, have supernatural powers, or grab power through immoral means. The existence of God does away with the idea of moral relatively; therefore humans must conform to moral standards or else face penalties. Jean-Pual Sartre in his essay builds a case that a man defines his being, his destiny, and his essence.
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