Comparative Cosmogony

How father responds in the depths of sea of eternity

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Unformatted text preview: ans, father?” “How Father responds, “In the depths of sea of eternity are the Father dreaming eyes and sleeping seeds. Bring them up so that we can create a world from them.” we The son turned himself into a golden duck and dove into the The sea. He surfaced with sand in his beak, and with the dreaming eyes and sleeping seeds, which became living beings. Hindu Cosmogony Hindu Rig Veda and Purana cosmogonies both maintain Purana that Brahma is the creator of the universe. The universe is a cosmic egg, cycling in infinite time between expansion and contraction into total collapse. The universe expands from a concentrated point called a Bindu. called Rig Veda Cosmogony Rig The universe consists of the Hindu Trinity: Vishnu: The God of Preservation (maintains the The universe). universe). Shiva: The God of Destruction. Brahma: The God of Creation (Golden Womb). After the universe is destroyed by Shiva, Brahma After creates it again by the divine word, Vaak. creates A cycle of creation and destruction is called a Yuga. Purana Cosmogony Purana Appeared later than the Rig Veda cosmogony. The universe endures for one day of Brahma (= (4.32 The million years). million Rather than being destroyed by Shiva, the universe is Rather destro...
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