Comparative Cosmogony

The one who lives above awoke and brought everything

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Unformatted text preview: as only darkness in the There beginning. The One who Lives Above awoke and brought everything into existence. and Navajo: Holy Ones placed Mother Earth and Holy Father Sky, and created everything else in between. Siouan: Assiniboine, Crow, Dakota, Hidatsa, Iowa, Lakota, Siouan: Mandan, Omaha, Osage, Winnebago Crow (Montana): the first things were ducks, the Old Man, and water. The Old Man told the ducks to dive down and retrieve mud. The Old Man collected mud from the feet of the duck and used it to create land. from Dakota (northern Great Plains): the powers of the world dwell in the earth and are represented by the female Unktahe. This is why females are connected with the powers of reproduction. Zuni Zuni The world starts as moisture. The moisture turns into The clouds. clouds. The Great Father Sun thickens the clouds until they turn The into water. This water then becomes a great sea. The Great Father Sun fertilizes the sea and creates algae. Earth and Sky are created from this algae. Earth The algae and the sun then create living things. Seeds of The men and animals are created, and eggs are hatched by the Creator. Yuchi Yuchi Originally from Georgia. The sun, T-cho, had to The provide light for the earth. When she lit the world from the east and passed over the earth, a d...
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