Comparative Cosmogony

Destroyed brahma is the creator of god not god

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Unformatted text preview: yed by water or fire. destroyed Brahma is the creator of God, not God himself. Buddhist Cosmogony Each in a series of worlds starts after the contraction of a previous world. of The first humans were luminous, formless beings The born from the Abharassa Brahmas. born The greedy and curious humans tasted the earth The and noticed how delicious it was. They lost their radiance and slowly changed into normal humans. radiance The sun, moon, and stars then became visible and The day and night began day Buddhist Cosmogony, cont’d. Buddhist Humans start noticing differences among themselves, and the beautiful people made fun of the ugly ones. Males and females became distinct and began to be preoccupied with each other, causing sexual desire. People were scorned for having sex in public, so they built houses for privacy. Shinto (Japanese) Cosmogony Shinto Out of primordial chaos, a succession of seven generations of Out gods (kami) arose. gods The first kami ordered the seventh generation of kami, Izagani The Izagani (brother) and Izanami (sister), to create the universe based on Izanami Truth, Reason, and Principle. Truth, Izagani and Izanami became husband and wife. Izagani plunged Izagani his spear into an infinite body of water and when he drew it out, the Japanese...
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