Comparative Cosmogony

Emperor folk cosmogonies of india folk motif 1 the

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Unformatted text preview: sacred objects in 660 BC. emperor Folk Cosmogonies of India Folk Motif 1: The earth is stolen by some unknown force, and Motif earth’s creator sends messengers to bring it back. Motif 2: Earth and live arose from the body parts of a sacrificed person or god. sacrificed Motif 3: Earth formed on its own, rising from the sea. Motif 4: A man dives to the bottom of the ocean and retrieves Motif earth to form land. earth Motif 5: Sun (male) and Moon (female) created mankind and Motif sun and moon will eventually destroy mankind. sun Motif 6: A brother and sister survive a world flood to start the Motif next human race. Folk Cosmogonies of China Folk Brother/sister motif: The earth is flooded, destroying all of Brother/sister mankind except for the brother and sister. They are save by floating in a gourd. The gourd lands on a mountain top as the water recedes. water They are told to propagate the next human race. They object, They because they are brother and sister. because The brother is told to walk around the mountain. While he is The gone, his sister is given an illness that disfigures her face. When they meet again, he thinks she is a stranger, so have can now have children. now Folk Cosmogonies of China Folk Pangu ha...
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