Comparative Cosmogony

Out izagani killed izanami she descended to the

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Unformatted text preview: islands formed. out, Izagani killed Izanami, she descended to the underworld to Izagani decompose, Izagani followed her and disobeyed her order not to gaze upon her. In anger, Izanami threatened to kill a thousand people a day. thousand Izagani said he would create fifteen hundred new people each day, then he left the underworld. This confirms the power of life over death. life Izagani washed himself to be rid of the demons of the Izagani underworld. In so doing, he created the 3 chief Shinto gods: Amaterasu: sun and food goddess (from his left eye). Amaterasu: Tsuki-Yomi: moon god (from his right eye). Susanowo: god of storms and seas (from his nose). Tsuki-Yomi became disgusted at Amaterasu for making him a Tsuki-Yomi meal from her mouth and nose. Tsuki-Yomi hurt her and was banished from her sight. Thus Amaterasu and Tsuki-Yomi have forever lived apart, making night always follow day. making Amaterasu is the source of all life-giving power, order, and food. and Susanowo, her rebellious, destructive brother, rules her over the worlds of demons, magic, and astrology. over Amaterasu’s grandson, Ninigi, descended to the earth Amaterasu’s Ninigi descended and took power in Japan with the sacred sword, mirror and jewels. mirror Ninigi’s great-grandson, Jimmu, became the first Ninigi’s Jimmu became emperor of Japan, using the...
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