Comparative Cosmogony

The there are forty one known variants of the

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Unformatted text preview: ation; in 1715 the Tuscaroras were added. the There are forty-one known variants of the Iroquoian creation There myth, with seven major variations. All are epic legends. myth, All variations include Sky Woman. All Cherokee: a three-tiered universe is held together by five cords cords Huron: the world was made by twin offspring of the Huron: “Woman Fallen from the Sky”. “Woman Mexico, Central and South America, Caribbean: Mexico, Aztecs, Caribs, Guaymis, Huichol, Kagaba, Michoacan, Mixtecs, Toltec, Quiches, Uitoto, Vodon Aztecs: Ancestors came from the Seven Caverns, north of Ancestors Mexico. Seven hero gods were ancestors of later Aztecs. These seven escaped a flood by climbing the mountain of Tlaloc . seven Toltecs: Five worlds and five suns were created one after the Five other, i.e., suns of earth, fire, air, water, and rock. other, Caribs: Ancestor sowed stones or the fruit of the Mautitius Ancestor Mautitius palm into the soil, and these sprouted into men and women. palm Peru: ancestors emerged from the cave of Pacari Tampu, the Peru: Lodgings of the Dawn, near Cuzco. During the great flood, the ancestors survived by taking refuge in this cave. ancestors Uitoto (Colombia): In the beginning only "appearance" existed as a phantom. From this, Nainema, "He who is appearance only" brought everything into existence by dreaming. Kagaba (Colombia): The "only mother of all we possess" gave (Colombia): birth to all that exists, including earth, sun, Milky Way, heavens, life. this mother-goddess is indistinguishable from creation. life. Yanomamo (Amazon River Basin): "The son of Omauwa (one Amazon of the first beings) became very thirsty. Omauwa and his brother dug a hole for water, but the water gushed forth and covered the jungle. They survived by climbing a mountain. Raharariyoma painted red dots on her body and plunged into the lake, causing it to recede. Omauwa then changed her into a snake-like monster in rivers. in...
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