Geol159 chap 9Triassic Park

The crocodylotarsi parasuchia rutiodon parasuchia

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Unformatted text preview: arsi – calcaneum is locked to Group the distal pes (foot). the – Crocodylotarsi » Parasuchia: Rutiodon Parasuchia: Rutiodon » Suchia: Pseudosuchia and Crocodylomorpha – Ornithosuchia: Ornithosuchus Ornithosuchia: Ornithosuchus Group Ornithodira – calcaneum is locked to Group the fibula. the – Fabrosaurs, pterosaurs, dinosaurs American Museum of Natural History’s first catalogued specimen: Rutiodon carolinensis from near Sanford, North Carolina Suchians Suchians Pseudosuchians – Aetosauria – Rauisuchia Crocodylomorphs – Saltoposuchids – Crocodiles, alligators Triassic, Texas Ornithodira Ornithodira Bipedal runners: – – – Advanced mesotarsal ankle (AM) Metatarsals II-IV long, I-IV bunched Long tibia Long anterior neck vertebrae No dorsal armor plates Pterosaurs and Dinosauromorpha Dinosauromorpha Dinosauromorpha Even better bipedal runners – – – – Shorter arms Open acetabulum Narrow metatarsals I-V Smaller calcaneum S-shaped neck Fabrosaurs and Dinosauria Fabrosaurs – almost dinosaurs Fabrosaurs Marasuchus – Middle Triassic – Ancestor of pterosaurs Lesothosaurus – Early Jurassic – – – – Also called “Fabrosaurus” Rabbit sized Body like a theropod Too late to be dinosaur ancestor, but close Superorder Dinosauria Superorder Wide tibia locked to astragalus and Wide calcaneum (double roller joint) calcaneum Long scapula Manus with digits I-III long Sacrum with 3 vertebrae (except Sacrum Herrerasaurus) Herrerasaurus L...
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