Geol159 chap 9Triassic Park

While bipedal parasagittal gait stiffened torso

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Unformatted text preview: zations while running. while – Bipedal, parasagittal gait – Stiffened torso – Muscular diaphragm Swallow gravel to help digestion. Nest making with vegetation. Archosauromorph groups: based on ankle evolution based Primitive mesotarsal (PM) Modified primitive mesotarsal (MPM) – Euparkeria Crocodile normal (CN) – Rauisuchians, crocodiles, aetosaurs Crocodile reversed (CR) – Ornithosuchus Advanced mesotarsal (AM) – Pterosaurs, dinosaurs, birds Primitive Triassic Archosauromorphs Archosauromorphs Rhynchosaurs – – Herbivores in all continents but North America. – Scaphonyx Trilophosaurs – – Herbivores in North America. – Trilophosaurus Archosauromorph Group Archosauromorph Archosauria Early Triassic – Recent. Facultative parasagittal gait. antorbital fenestra. Lateral manibular fenestra. Serrated, laterally compressed teeth. “Primitive” groups plus the Crurotarsi and Primitive” ornithodira. ornithodira. “Primitive” Triassic Primitive” archosaurians archosaurians Proterosuchids – Chasmatosaurus Erythrosuchids – Erythrosuchus Euparkeriids – Euparkeria “Advanced” Archosauria Group Crurot...
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