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Statutorylaw 1passedbycongress

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Unformatted text preview: the vote to Women 22nd – Limited the President to 2 terms 26th – Right to vote to 18 years 2 B. Statutory Law: 1. Passed by Congress 2. Signed into law by the President 3. Bill is enacted into an Act or Law C. Common Law: body of recorded court decisions 1. Supremacy of Law: medieval times A. Rulers could not overturn decisions of past courts 2. Legal Precedent: “Stare Decisis” A. 2 kinds of precedent: binding precedent persuasive precedent B. Supreme Court: highest court in the land 3 3. Statutory Interpretation: A. Courts interpret the true meaning of laws B. Clarify vague wording: ie. “sexual harassment” or “reasonable accommodations” C. Must be in a case to be reviewed 4. Judicial Review: Constitutionality A. Does the law violate the constitution? If it does, it’s not a valid law. ex. Presidential Line Item Veto and legislation passed by Congress making flag burning illegal 5. Administrative Law 4...
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