03.27.08 - The Gospel of Mark, Matthew

03.27.08 - The Gospel of Mark, Matthew - Most Jewish...

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3/27/08 The Gospel of Mark Mark 16:1-8 found in oldest and best text Crucifixion Women Present* Burial Women See* *Mary Magdalene always one of the women whose there Mark 16:1-8 - Women going to tomb to anoint Jesus with spices - Come across messenger (angel) - Jesus makes appointment with apostles in Galilee through the women - Ends with empty tomb Summary Statement In blocks [short ending] 9-20 Long Ending (later added) 99% of the long ending is found in another book Brought together smoothly to end gospel The Gospel of Matthew - 1 st in order - The author is unknown - Never said it text - Tradition – Matthew – Introduced to as Levi (the Tax Collector) - Audience was Jewish Christians o Antioch of Syria o 85-90 Characteristics Extensive use of Old Testament (more than any other gospel) Only gospel that utilizes the word Ekklesia (church)
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Unformatted text preview: Most Jewish Gospel Structuce of Mark (dependence on Mark) Teaching of Jesus Includes a lot of these. . Higher righteousness Jesus ministry in Galilee, confession/transfiguration, Jerusalem Passover Crucifixion 2 chapters of information 2 resurrections 5 blocks of teaching material Matthew 1-2 Begins with genealogy (connects Jesus with David, Abraham) Son of David, Abraham Establishes Jesus Jewish Credentials Women of the Bible-Rahab-Ruth-Tamar (in Genesis)-Wife of Uriah Bathsheba o Questioning about sex o Outside covenant community Joseph is one we pay attention to, speaker to in dreams-Righteous Jew who abides by Torah tradition Wisemen no one knows how many or names Each of temptations are answered with Old Testament 5-7 Sermon on the Mount...
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03.27.08 - The Gospel of Mark, Matthew - Most Jewish...

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