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Combining the bolt loads from the applied moment with

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Unformatted text preview: o be distributed equally to all four bolts. Combining the bolt loads from the applied moment with those from the direct tension give the bolt loads shown in Figure 2. A quick check of statics is used to determine the magnitude and location of the resultant of the bolt loads as shown in Figure 3 (page 22). The 1.55 inches of eccentricity of the resultant bolt load to the centroid of the bolt group is used to determine ψec,N. The eccentricity factor, 10 Kips 5.77 K/Bolt 1.15 K/Bolt 2.5 K/Bolt 120 in-K 2” Bolt Loads From Tension Figure 2: Rigid Plate Anchor Loads. STRUCTURE magazine Codes and standards 12” By Peter Carrato, Ph.D., P.E., S.E. updates and discussions related to codes and standartds Sizing Anchor Bolts Makes Me “Sigh” (ψ) 21 January 2008 10” Bolt Loads From Moment (assumes rigid plate) 23.84 Kip Resultant She Knew She Wanted Time to Play, She Didn’t Know She’d Do It as an Engineer 8.27 K/Bolt ® 3.65 K/Bolt U T h yrig ADVERTISEMENT – For Advertiser Information, visit Cop R T S 1.55” C U Figure 3: Resultant Anchor Force. Thank calculated below, is used to determine or 0.74you for reviewing this ad proof for the upcoming ® tissue of STRUCTURE for this example. he concrete capacity Magazine. To ensure that the pr i z a g At Degenkolb, she can. And so can you. Whether you want time to play with your kids or time to play like a kid, we offer a work life balance that allows you to do that. Work for us and have the opportunity to follow your interests and develop your own book of work. We encourage lifelong learning and support professional and community-based activities. Ownership opportunities are provided to all employees in addition to open access to firmwide financial information. We offer flexible schedules, telecommuting, and company cabins for employee vacations. EOE. Join Us! san francisco los angeles portland Email your resume to: [email protected] oakland san diego STRUCTURE magazine 22 e n advertisement for your company is run, please print ou 1 1...
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