Adamson managing director of landor associates a

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Unformatted text preview: is going to plug into a search engine, but without a doubt, y ou are going to be challenged,” said Allen P. Adamson, managing director of Landor Associates, a brand design firm. With so much at stake, companies are much more likely to fight ov er trademark rights. For ex ample, Apple, Microsoft and Amazon are embroiled in a dispute ov er the term “app store,” for software applications, which Apple mov ed to trademark in 2008. For small companies, the cost of fighting a trademark battle can go bey ond dollars and cents. “T he big companies will do this to rough up their competitors,” said Barton Beebe, a professor at the New Y ork Univ ersity Law School who specializes in intellectual property law. “I f they can’t win in the marketplace, they try to soften them up with legal fees and distract them. Ev en if they lose the case, it’s a Py rrhic v ictory because the small company has wasted so many resources.” For Pretzel Crisps, Princeton Vanguard already has spent $1 million on legal fees, hiring Dav id H. Bernstein and Joe DiSalv o, who won control of the Vitaminwater name for Glacéau, which is now owned by Coca- Cola. T rademark lawy ers say it’s unclear how strong...
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