F scott kieff a law professor at george washington

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Unformatted text preview: a claim the Wilsons hav e to the term pretzel crisps, ev en though they hav e been using it since their snacks first went on sale in 2004. F. Scott Kieff, a law professor at George Washington Univ ersity , said the case could go either way . Princeton Vanguard, he said, “will hav e to show that there is some secondary meaning to the term ‘pretzel crisp’ out there in the relev ant population that goes bey ond simply prov oking thoughts of thin pretzels that are crispy and refer to something specific.” I n any case, Frito- Lay has a clear financial incentiv e to dent the sales of its riv al. T he pretzel market is dominated by Sny der’s- Lance and Frito- Lay , whose Sny der’s of Hanov er and Rold Gold pretzels are top- selling brands, according to Sy mphony / I RI , a market research firm in Chicago. (T he firm’s data does not include sales in Walmart stores, warehouse clubs or over - pr etzel- cr isps- shows- value- of- a- br and.html?_r = 0&pag ewanted= pr int 2/4 10/29/13 Tr ademar ks Take On New Impor tance in Inter net Er a - liquor stores.) Sy mphony / I RI v iews Pretzel Crisps as a cracker, but if counted as a pre...
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