I n the 1 990s he and his wife and business partner

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Unformatted text preview: he had when it rained. I n the 1 990s, he and his wife and business partner, Sara, once had to mortgage their house and sell off inv estments to make their company ’s pay roll. But it still came as a bit of a shock when the Wilsons made what they thought was a routine mov e to register the trademark of their hot product — a flat pretzel snack called Pretzel Crisps — and it was contested by none other than Frito- Lay , the 800- pound gorilla of the snack food market owned by PepsiCo. “T his is so different from any thing else we’v e faced because we’re not fighting a product in the supermarket, we’re not fighting against an institution like a bank, we’re not dealing with an act of nature,” Mr. Wilson said in an interv iew at his company ’s headquarters here. “T his fight is about a big company that wants to dominate the snack food category by crushing a little company like ours rather than by competing with us.” Frito- Lay , whose Rold Gold pretzel products and Stacy ’s Pita Chips compete with Pretzel Crisps, declined to discuss the case, citing the pending dispute with the Wilsons’ company , Princeton Vanguard. But in its filings with the Patent and T rademark Office, Frito- Lay contends that Pretzel Crisps c...
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