Like milk chocolate bar the combination of pretzel

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Unformatted text preview: annot be registered as a trademark because it is a generic term. “Like ‘milk chocolate bar,’ the combination of ‘pretzel’ and ‘crisp’ gains no meaning as a phrase ov er and abov e the generic meaning of its constituent terms,” the company wrote in a 201 0 motion. T he dispute is still pending with the trademark office’s trial board. over - pr etzel- cr isps- shows- value- of- a- br and.html?_r = 0&pag ewanted= pr int MORE IN BUSINES Microcredi Read More » 1/4 10/29/13 Tr ademar ks Take On New Impor tance in Inter net Er a - T rademarks, which are names or sy mbols associated with a specific company or product, can be tremendously v aluable to companies building a brand. T hink of Kimberly - Clark’s Kleenex facial tissues or Nike’s swoosh logo. Brand ex perts and trademark lawy ers say the v alue of simple, easily understood brand names has escalated in the I nternet era because consumers are more likely to find such products while doing searches on the Web. “Y ou’d rather hav e a name like Mov iefone than one like Fandango because that’s what someone...
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