T hey called their bagel chips new y ork sty le bagel

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Unformatted text preview: ock and serv ice their shelv es. T he chips were such a hit that the Wilsons built tunnel ov ens at a factory in I llinois and soon were pushing 1 00,000 bagels through high- speed slicers ev ery 24 hours. T hey called their bagel chips New Y ork Sty le Bagel Chips and registered New Y ork Sty le as a trademark in much the same way they are now try ing to register Pretzel Crisps. I n 1 992, they sold the business to Nabisco. T he idea for Pretzel Crisps was born in 1 994. As Mrs. Wilson worked a grav ey ard shift at a factory in Ohio making puffed pretzels, she said it hit her: “What if y ou took the middle, the air, out?” But initially , they couldn’t figure out how to make flat pretzels. “Ev ery thing we tried produced a pretzel that was too brittle or too thin,” Mr. Wilson said. So they shelv ed the idea and instead spent nearly a decade selling outsize plastic bottles filled with popcorn, customized with the logos of sports teams. By then, new technology had dev eloped that allowed them to produce a flat pretzel. “We called up the deli brokers network that was in place from the bagel chips day s,” Mr. Wilson said. “T hey were a little skeptical to begin with, but once they sampled it, they got it. “ Mr. Adamson, the brand ex pert, said that ev en if the Wilsons lost the trademark case, their pretzel brand would surv iv e. “T hey own other distinctiv e elements and hav e a great product so that, if they finesse it, they could end up with a black ey e and not worse,” he said. over - pr etzel- cr isps- shows- value- of- a- br and.html?_r = 0&pag ewanted= pr int 4/4...
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