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Unformatted text preview: contractual relationships with the owner: 1. Agent relationship (A): a contract to perform services (e.g. design) AND possibly represent the owner in front of other parties (e.g. supervision over the contractor) 2. Non-agent relationship ($): regular legally binding contract to perform a service. Traditional Projects DB Projects 35 DBB/DB/CM Illustration • Various forms of CM contracts (CM At-risk) 36 Subcontracts • “Pay-if-paid” clauses appear in some subcontracts / subsubcontracts: – The subcontractor is paid only if the general contractor is paid – To shift the risk of project owner non-payment from the prime contractor to the _______________. – Quite popular – E.g. “The total price paid to [subcontractor] shall be [contract price], no part of which shall be paid until 5 days after payment is received from owner.” – E.g. “… the Contractor shall pay the Subcontractor each progress payment and final payment … within three working days after he receives payment from the Owner ...“ • “________________” clauses: the con...
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