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The rights privileges and responsibilities of primary

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Unformatted text preview: ard set of stipulations that applies to all contracts on how a contract is to be administered and the relationships between the parties established. The rights, privileges and responsibilities of primary parties are also defined. • Special conditions of contract (SCC) – Contractual aspects that are peculiar or unique to a given project, e.g. additional instructions, amount of liquidated damages, wage rates • Technical specifications – Textual, written description of the technical requirements of the project. • Plans and drawings • Schedule of rates 40 Examples of Contract Documents • From Development Bureau, HKSAR (http://www.devb.gov.hk/en/publications_and_press_releases/publi cations/standard_contract_documents/index.html) – General Conditions of Contract • From the Architectural Services Department, HKSAR (http://www.archsd.gov.hk/archsd_home01.asp?Path_Lev1=6) – General Specification – Particular Specification – Model Bills of Quantities – Schedule of Rates 41 Hong Kong GCC for D&B Contracts (1999 Edition) • Clause 23 (1): – The Contractor shall, unless it is otherwise provided in the Contract, have in respect of any defect or in...
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